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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 4, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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oversight committee hearing. darrell issa expected learn tore testify. "on the record" will be there. thank you for being with us. good night from washington. the o'reilly factor is onment tonight. >> continuing down this path of violating of sovereignty of another country will have costs and consequences. >> but now there are reports the british government and other european countries will not punish putin for invading ukraine. what should president obama do if europe once again acts in cowardly way. charles krauthammer on that. >> it'sing if to be run by bureaucrats and run by politicians who have no idea what is in your best interest then i'm getting out. >> how many doctors are going to opt out of obamacare. we have the number and it is shocking. extensive report tonight let's do this. >> holy.
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>> is it legal on a texas court ruling allowing teachers to interact sexually with students? >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. dealing with the villain putin, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. so far it's been all talk, no action. politicians in the u.s.a. and western europe all condemning russia's invasion of ukraine but doing little else. the russian dictator himself smirking at the world and testing the will of the western powers. putin clearly believing that europe will back down, isolating president obama and the u.s.a. and he could be right. the british media reporting that the u.k. government will not, will not cush trade with russia or even sanctions with putin.
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this f. that's true putin wins. they want to have mediation. that will frighten him, won't it. >> germany is living in world. since shush are a is germany's biggest supplier of energy, putin can live in whatever world he wants to live. in german also told. the italian government wants to quote suspend the preparations for the g-8 summit in russia. said to be held in june. not suspend the summit. suspend preparations. oooh. can you see that putin is having a grand old time violating international law and watching the western powers kneel. today in ukraine secretary of state kerry put forth more rhetoric. >> the russian government, out of excuses, hiding its hand behind falsehoods, intimidation, provocations.
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hearts of ukrainians and the eyes of the world. there is nothing strong about what russia is doing. >> he has to read that kerry has to read that off the paper. talk from the heart mr. secretary. in way you have got to hand it to putin. he knows themep west is weak. he knows president obama will most likely not be able to rally the european nations against him. in short putin knows he can pretty much know what he wants to do and he is enjoying the speck cackle. a lot of attention on that narcissist. the north atlantic treaty organization nato is supposed to be the bull work against oppression. funds 22% of nato's military budget far more than any other nation. afghanistan supplying 68% of nato troops. without us nato does not exist. with us nato pretty much does not exist. because it's powerless. as european governments time after time back away from
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confronting illegal international behavior. i hate to use cliche but the ukraine situation same old same old. and putin knows it and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction, joining for reaction, fox news analyst charles krauthammer. where am i going wrong here, charles? >> i think you have got a right talking about individual nations. i wouldn't blame nato as an institution because nato has one purpose, to defend its own countries against soviet and now russian aggression and that it's never been challenged but it did succeed 50 years. the russians never crossed the line into berlin. they never crossed the line into germany. the problem for nato is when it acts out of area. meaning in afghanistan or ukraine. remember, the bush administration wanted to bring ukraine in to nato. so that would have triggered a nato response, the invasion that we are seeing now. but the europeans did not want to get involved in ukraine because they thought it was dangerous.
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so, they are very much unwilling to risk anything. however, i do think for the polls and the others, czechs, the baltic states and of course the west europeans, if there were an invasion of any of those countries, you would have a very different response. >> okay. but putin knows the line he can go into. >> right. >> and he knows that president obama is not going to rally britain, germany, france, his cause. even, look, i said last night in a very perspicacious and you will appreciate that word, perspicacious talking points memo that the u.s.a. and europe working together can ruin the russian currency the ruble. they can do it quickly because the ruble is on the works house. the ruble would just boom like this. and putin is in big big trouble with his own people. you would think that would be the logical way to go and president obama would be able to rally everybody to do that but it's not going to happen.
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>> look, there are several reasons. one reason is that obama is a little bit late at rallying anybody against anybody. he combings into office and what's the first thing he does with the russians he announces the famous re-set. the reason we had a re-set is because relations had as obama said drifted in the bush years. why did they drift? because putin had invaded georgia about six months earlier as a result, the u.s. and the allies had put sanctions on russia. they had frozen relations, first thing obama does when he comes into office, the re-set means the reversal of all the freezes, all the sanctions, so, you know, a free -- this is a free pass. get out of free jail free. >> putin didn't have to give anything to get that didn't give up anything. >> didn't give up anything. that's the first signal the europeans are getting from this new president. second signal, what does
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obama do? he cancels the missile defense agreement. the polls and the czechs had agreed to under the bush administration. knowing it was unpopular because the russians opposed it. the russians put a lot of pressure. obama cancels it unilaterally without even asking the polls and the czechs. leaving their leaders way out on a limb. humiliating them and telling eastern europe you think you won your freedom at the end of the cold war? well, russia still has a hand. i'm allowing the russia to influence your future. >> i don't recall. there was an explanation from the obama administration on why they did that do you recall the explanation? >> their explanations were completely bogus. what they wanted to do is to show the russians. they wanted to show to putin that they were open, accommodating. obama's whole theory of international relations was,i'2 if i'm nice to iran. if i offer them all kinds of goodies, if i'm nice to the
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north koreans, if i'm nice to any adversaries anywhere, i will give them an open hand. remember? open hand, more respect for the muslims. he wanted to show the russians that he was -- he was willing to bury the hatchet on all the past and then he wanted cooperation other areas. putin looks that the guy and says i'm dealing with an adolescent. this is a community organizer he doesn't understand how the world works. kga agent and a thug. he pockets all the things obama offers him for nothing. he walks away and he struts the world stage. knowing that he has got an adversary in the white house who will do nothing. and he has done nothing he has to do something or go down into jimmy carter territory. we will talk about that later. the president has to do something now, does he not? >> he is going to do a few things. he will begin to free freeze some assets. he has cancelled some
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military -- has cancelled all diplomatic connections, that's all good. not quite enough. what he needs to do is send the chairman of the join%svx chiefs to the baltic states and to announce tomorrow joint exercises with those states. they are worried, they irquaking in their boots, stone i can't, they have large populations like ukraine which could be an excuse for the russians to go. in kerry should stop in poland on the way back, announce military exercises with the u.s. >> put the missiles back. >> the problem is if you were a polish leader and czech leader and here is president obama who pulled the rug out from under you and humiliated you five years ago, are you going to agree to do it again? what you have got to do with the missiles, you have to go behind the scenes and offer it again to the pol and the czechs. say you are sorry and work out a deal. don't announce it in public. >> thank you very much,
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reset for russia. >> it's a little guest okay, so calm down. say you were elected president. all right? and you are in the exact same position that barack obama is in right now. putin rolls into the crimea. violating international law. what do you do? >> what i do is not have usaid and national endowment for democracy working with knock off an elected government in ukraine which is what they did. i wouldn't try to force the people of ukraine into a deal with nato against their interest or into a deal into european union which is against their economic interest. >> it's u.s.a.'s fault that putin rolled in. >> bill o'reilly if you don't believe in cause and effect i don't know what i can do for you. there was a cause here. >> did america provoke putin to roll into the crimea in your opinion. >> you have to look at what happened. the u.s. has been involved covertly and behind the scenes with the cia. the national endowment for democracy and usaid to stir up trouble in ukraine now
5:15 pm
you have neoality is is that are in control. >> the cia went door to door in kiev forcing people into the streets. >> bill, this is a serious issue. we have trol lives what's happened here. >> i think what happened from what i'm hearing. i will go to leslie cawnd think about it from what i'm hearing you are blaming the u.s.a. subverting thereby giving putin a pass for invading. less is i what do you say. >> first of all this is not the united states' fault. this is putin's fault. this man since childhood has been a thusmght your word a bully, bill. what we need to do is isolate. i think the president has started to do that financially and with the international stature of russia. we have our allies like the u.k., germany, poland and the other g 8 countries say hey, go to put the brakes on planning for the meeting in sochi. cancel the meeting in moscow which the president did. cancel meetings. >> that's going to do it?
5:16 pm
you heard my talking points. >> no. we need to go further talking about. >> it doesn't look like britain or germany or france is going to go along with any kind of economic thing against putin. they canceled a bunch of meeting and i'm sure putin will really lose sleep over that and maybe they will make fun of his hat. but, come on, leslie. when you say rally the international. there isn't any indication that president obama has the power to rally anybody to do anything. >> no, i don't agree with that and, bill, i think you would agree with me that nobody in the international community certainly wants military action. i didn't think anybody in the united states except for maybe charles wants military actions. >> sanctions, the reporting the government in london is not going to do anything. they're operating in a theoretical realm. let's go back to dennis kucinich. so from your point of view, the united states caused this mess. putin was right to go into crimea and violate international law. does he have a right to take
5:17 pm
over the whole country and annex it. >> of course not. that's not going to happen. of course that wouldn't be right. >> crimea is okay? >> we should be concerned about the ukrainian people because they're being used right now by the imf austerity program. >> do you think the ukrainian people would be better off under putin's heel or eu. >> people ukraine have to make that decision. >> they did. they deposed the leader and they threw him out they made the decision. >> wait a minute. that wasn't democratic. that was stirred up from behind the scenes. it wasn't democratic. >> the president who was elected democratically then suspended many, many democratic like the right of assembly. look, i don't want to get involved in ukrainian politics. i don't think that's what we need to do. >> we are and we shouldn't be. >> so you are blaming us for it that's pretty interesting point of view. >> you have to look at the united states behind the
5:18 pm
scenes' efforts in ukraine to understand what's going on. >> all right. china. >> national endocument for democracy. >> i want to give you a heads up to get ready, dennis. when china sees seizes the japanese islands which they are going to do after watching this debacle. i want you to come back on and say how the united states made that happen. >> know would be glad to talk to you at any time though. >> how many doctors have lopped out of obama mayorca. crucial question we have an answer. >> later is it legal on the obama bin laden's son-in-law. teachers allowed to send text messages to students. those reports after these messages. but when we sta worrying about tomorrow, we miss out on what matters today. ♪ at axa, we offer advice and help you break down your retirement goals into small, manageable steps. ecause when you plan for tomorrow,
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factor follow up segment tonight, american doctors and obama care. jackson and coker surveyed american doctors about the affordable
5:22 pm
healthcare act. 'thousand physicians took part. 61% of them say their opinion of obamacare has changed for the worse. even more damning, 44% of american doctors say they will not participate in the obamacare exchange. a disaster. with us now dr. emanuel, one of the architects of the affordable healthcare act and author of the brand new big book "reinventing american healthcare." so if almost half of the doctors opt out, i don't see how this possibly works. >> first of all doctors will not opt out, not half of them that says they won't participate in the exchange. it's not doctors that participate in the exchange. it's insurance companies that participate in the exchange. >> because they don't take the insurance companies. >> the doctor will take who is in the exchange because they have to. there is a large number of people who will be there. >> i'm confused. i didn't get to read your book but your book explains a lot of this. but i'm confused. from what i understand from my own personal doctor. who is going to opt out, they are going to set up
5:23 pm
boutique services. all right, many, many american doctors. and they are going to charge people to a certain fee a year to see them. they are not going to accept any insurance as many doctors don't now. this is what i think may happen. so the pool of doctors then in america shrinks. you are telling me that's not going to happen? >> no, i don't think that's going to happen. >> you don't think. >> look, you don't know the other. you are just making speculation, too. >> no, it's 44% say they are not going to participate in the insurance. >> in the exchange. but they don't actually participate in the exchange. that's a misnomer and the question is a bad question. >> not going to take obamacare insurance. >> they will take obama care insurance. very few doctors can go and take people who pay cash. healthcare is expensive. the vast majority, 98% of americans cannot simply pay cash for their healthcare. >> they can take certain kinds of health insurance as you know. all right. but. >> look. >> go ahead. >> when you do poll doctors, especially young doctors, the under 40s, 60% of them
5:24 pm
actually support obamacare and like it and those who have actually begun to transform their practice so they are really focusing on keeping people healthy. they are focusing on people with chronic illness and keeping them out of the hospital, they actually like that practice better than the current practice. >> generalizing about 800,000 practicing physicians in this country right now. >> right. that's correct. >> if 44% bail. >> we are not going to have 44% bail out of the system. >> also says that a lot of doctors are not going to get caught up in this. they are just not going to do it. if they do and it cuts down to 500,000 or 550 it's going to be a problem. when i travel around, i travel a lot of places, all right? and i do too. the healthcare clinics. and they are like walk-in clinics, something wrong? come on. in they are staffed by physician assistants and nurse practitioners and things like that. >> um-huh. >> i think that's where this affordable care act act is going. into that kind of treatment. am i wrong? >> that's going to be one part of a complex. >> i think it's a growing
5:25 pm
part. it's going to be big. >> one part of a complex part of the healthcare system. so if your kid has a sore throat and you want to find out if it's strep throat or your kid has what appears to be an ear infection and you want to find out if it's otitis media. clinics. >> electronic records now widely being used because of healthcare reform. send it to your doctor and healthcare system. we have a much more seemless operation. c.v.s. is expanding those kind of clinics. >> absolutely. they are not doctors. >> you don't need a doctor for every part of your healthcare. >> you don't need a doctor. if you i want a strep throat diagnosis i don't want lenny that just came out of the community college. >> excuse me those are nurse practitioners it's not lenny out of a community college. >> it is just putting a swab back there and getting a strep throat assessment. >> are you worried? say you had vd, std, i'm sure you don't. >> please, don't insult me.
5:26 pm
but say you had, you being generic, say you had it or i had it, okay? and medical record and then all of a sudden you have all of these transfers of electronic medical records all over the place. that's -- >> -- we have laws to protect the privacy. >> laws, kind of like the irs thing? >> listen, bill, fox news claims oh we are going to have breaches of the exchanges. we haven't had a single breach of the exchange. >> he they're not up yet. they are not running yet. >> that's not true. the exchange is up. >> you are not worried about that. >> sowing fear with gho grounds. >> you are not worried about that privacy thing. >> doctors have had health electronic health records. no such breach. sowing fear. >> you know me i'm afraid of everything. tmz offers somebody 5,000 to person's medical records. is that unheard of? is that unheard of it? come on, is that unheard of? you know it goes on all the time.
5:27 pm
>> they have high security and everyone is well aware of this and they are taking it seriously. if they didn't, they would have already offered that for electronic health records and we would have seen the breach. >> i'm a little scared about that. >> just sowing fear cannot cite one example. >> because it's not up yet. >> excuse me, electronic health records now 0% of doctors have them and there has not been that kind of breach. you are simply sowing fear and you know it. >> i'm not sowing fear and i'm actually doing my job. >> there is not a single case, mr. o'reilly, of those medical records being breached for things like stds or a very famous hollywood star's medical records. >> i hope it doesn't happen but with a lot of stuff going on here, you know, nsa listening to your conversations, doctors, they have all of yours. i know where they are, too. utah. now people will know about your book "reinventing american healthcare:" thanks for coming in.
5:28 pm
>> cutting the military budget in the face of the russian invasion. is it legal on a terrorism trial. also a shocking situation in texas. teachers allowed to send section section messages to students. who he you stay tuned to those reports. [ male announcer ] she won't remember this,
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obama released budget for spenting. the military would be down sized but spending for prek
5:32 pm
is supposed to be $66 billion for 10 years. here to analyze fox business anchor john stossel. i said last night no way congress is going to approve the budget down size at all because they have got putin, right. >> i think they wouldn't down size it without putin because they don't cut anything. >> all right. but the army is supposed to be down size. >> what congress is going to come back with is a boost in manpower because of this russia thing and china. >> so we are going to send ground troops and have a land war there? russia's force is close to a million men. do you know that? >> they don't have women fight them with missiles and drones and not with number of troops. >> being there have a presence. don't have a presence. the presence is intimidating. putin throws the troops into crimea. and what is ukraine going to do? he doesn't have to shoot anybody. is he just there.
5:33 pm
>> i just don't see what we are going to do anyway. we couldn't solve the problems in somalia. we got out of iraq. and afghanistan. as we should have. after we retaliated for the attack. it's our job to fight back when we are attacked. not to police the world. >> i understand that. but there is an intimidating factor about having a big military. and if you shrink the military and the manpower. >> we are the not big enough already? we are as much of the world combined. >> obama administration wants to shrink the army down about 400,000 up against the chinese and the russians, that's not intimidating? >> why do we have 50,000 troops in germany. >> 40,000? japan. >> i know why we have them and in korea i know why we have them. it's basically a bolster for us to move if we need them somewhere else. >> that's a value rid point. but by and large they free load off of us. >> of course we do. they are not going to do anything. >> we can't afford that. >> all right.
5:34 pm
prek. >> can't afford that either. >> we can't afford to he will indicated the little tykes? >> we spend more than any other country in the world on k through 12 education and do a lousy job. spent 200 billion already on head start. obama's own education department said oops, doesn't really work. couple of years later. but we are going to spend more on it. >> the president is not going to admit it doesn't work. he told me it works. thinks prek education works. how do you john stossel say it doesn't work? can you prove it. >> he bases it on one stud 50 years ago of high quality preschool. what are the odds that universal preschool will be high quality. >> it's basically baby-sitting service, you know that so poor parents can work and kids aren't outer on the street or irresponsible people in the home. they are in seating where they can get a little chart that says a, b, dc, d, e and f. what's wrong with that. >> government spending 200 billion on it means private alternatives don't develop that would be better. >> poor people can't afford the alternatives. >> we can't afford the spending we are already
5:35 pm
going broke because of entitlements. >> spending too much on education. >> on everything. we're going broke. >> stay on education. >> on education we spend about 12,000 per student. hundred thousand per classroom. we do a lousy job. >> okay. is that the teacher's union fault because they won't hire good teachers and they protect.g>u bad ones? >> some of it but mostly it's a government monday nonefully and they never do anything well. >> so you if vouchers. >> yeah. >> you support that? >> definitely. >> so do i i told the president that and he said vouchers don't work. >> but they do work. >> you can't get to the bottom of the argue. you say they do work. >> that's why why are here. gets to the bottom. >> all right. there is stossel, everybody. when we come right back, is it legal on teachers in texas. allowed to send sext messages to students. can you believe it colorado killing jessica's law. legal is next. tends to stay in. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms.
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. . ♪ ♪ ♪ to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for him, he's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with him all day
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as he goes back to taking tylenol. i was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again. and now i've got to take more pills. ♪ yup. another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve. ♪ [ male announcer ] look for the easy-open red arthritis cap. thanks for staying with us, i'm boiferl in the is it legal segment tonight. they hot topics beginning with terror trial in new york city. 4 will-year-old usama bin laden'sson pleaded not guilty to a variety of terror charges including not guiltying to inspire to kill americans. here now attorneys and fox news analyst kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. >> why is this guy being
5:40 pm
tried in civilian court in guantanamo bay. >> transparency and prosecution. we want keep civilian level. >> everybody can see our justice system at work. >> and national security. i think the real reason is because some of these conspiracy charges in the past included usama bin laden's driver for example had been overturned in the military tribunal so they don't want that to happen obviously. >> we don't know where this guy something held, right guilfoyle. we don't even know where is he. >> that is purposeful. they are keeping that a secret. they don't want to disclose it for obvious reason. this is someone who engenders a tremendous amount oflm;ffer and emotion. >> he married bin laden's daughter fat matchett do we know where fat that is? is she going to be in the trial front row. >> there is security interests obviously for the remaining family members so they have gone to great lengths to make sure. >> manhattan. >> jury selection just started right now. >> how would you like to be in on that jury.
5:41 pm
>> i have loved ones who died in 9/11. >> absolutely. if it gets out how are. >> judge is really trying and we are going to keep all of that secret. that's going to be hard to do. >> okay. you both, according to your preinterview. we do preinterviews to make sure they are not complete dunderheads. not you two i knew you didn't mean us. do fire on the program. you both think he is going to be found guilty. >> voluminous amount of evans against. >> life in prison? >> carries up to life. life in prison. >> i have been looking for hat like that. just can't find it shaved heads. >> this is awful story. >> this is terrible. >> texas it is ruled fort worth a teacher can send a message by text or email to a student that has sexual content. how can that possibly be happening? >> we are not doing our job
5:42 pm
of protecting children and writing laws that are going to be upheld judicial scrutiny. >> the law basically needed to state that we're not allowed to send obscene messages. otherwise, it's a first amendment protection to send things that are indecent. >> it's a very on jockive word, is objective word. >> 631 texts. >> 688 over six days. >> if you find one of those obscene when you see it, you smell it you know what it is. there were. things of taking her bra off. just horrible stuff. >> the court ruled that the guy can do it. >> right to be perverted to children. there is something seriously wrong with this. >> we covered this story before and they have to rewrite the law in texas. >> have to rewrite the law. >> change charges because it's easier to prosecute. >> get together in austin. nobody objecting to that if there is i want to know about it. >> the court has the opportunity to overturn it itself but it won't. online solicitation of a minor is an easier charge to
5:43 pm
prove. >> okay. but there wasn't solicitation here. >> exactly. >> it was just back and forth colorado, you know our favorite state now once again kills jessica's law threw it into something that has going nothing to do with children. all seven voted against-though sends a message to colorado voters. if you are going to keep electing these people you are not going to have protection for children you simply are not not a law yet it's a bill. 10 years mandatory minimum. >> new child protection bill in colorado. no yes, jessica's law. >> it's going to be 10 years. >> 10 years to life. >> do you know what it is now everybody out there in colorado if you rape a child? two years. >> two year minimum. this is why it is so outrageous. >> "the denver post" guy came on here and said we have tough enough laws. remember that? he came on here and said now you pinhead, you have tough
5:44 pm
enough laws why are they changing it? >> you know when it's going to change when that legislature changes. when they get voted out of office. >> the only way colorado is going to change back into a state that protects the children, not only from predators but from drugs and everything is if they change up the legislature. >> do it. >> all right. we appreciate it jimmy carter and barack obama. some pundits say history may put them in the same category is that fair? crowley and colmes straight ahead.
5:45 pm
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back of the book segment tonight, number of pundits and editorials are comparing president jimmy carter with barack obama. in fact editorial in "new york post" is headed jimmy obama. criticizing the current president being soft dealing with international problems. with us now monica crowley and alan colmes. i don't know if that's fair
5:48 pm
completely. in this case i think we have to give the president a little time to come up with some kind of punitive measures. would you agree with that? >> a lot of people arguing we should never be in this crisis and if he had displayed greater strength and aggressiveness with foreign foreign policy prior to this point, putin would not have felt emboldened to act in crimea. >> that's theoretical and hypothetical, correct? >> what these editorials are saying and drawing the comparison with carter after four years of jimmy carter, you had the bad guys advancing. the good guys in retreat and the wheels coming off the world. we saw this in world war ii. jimmy carter. american mullahs takings who sages. soviet union marching through afghanistan. these feel emboldened when the united states president. commander and chief either weak in real terms or perceived as weak. i think that's what he what is going on here.
5:49 pm
putin, weakness in the president. >> monica crawl solid correct if you look at all of the -- in the 20th century and now in the 21st. all of the aggressiveness that led to horrible wars, it was caused by one side feeling the other side was too weak there is a best example. tojo in japan. both japan and germany felt that america, britain, france, were too weak to stand up against them. thus, they launched an incredible aggressive military campaign around the world which rimented in world war 2 now we are almost seeing the same thing, no. >> the meaning that obama is weak being put out by the right wing george will or "the new york post." this is the guy who got bin laden and got into libya. killed more al qaeda leaders supposedly than any leaders i pout in quotes and any other president to. say that is he weak. i would make the argument no, weakness and strength
5:50 pm
doesn't always mean aggressive action towards war you can in a fair way has in foreign policy zone. the overarch is that we are just like every other country. and the down sizing the sends a signal you know what? the worst thing that happened, colmes, syria. that was the worst thing when he said red line, few it we will get you and then he didn't do it. and everybody saw that. >> i'm not sure that that is related specifically to this. >> you don't think putin noticed that. >> he noticed that also noticed war weary country after iraq and afghanistan after years and years of war. >> nobody is talking about military now. talking about robust economic response. >> you have got to give a little time things they are doing. for example g 8 a lot of countries saying we are not going to go to sochi. >> oooh. >> wait a second do you want to star a war now.
5:51 pm
>> increntle steps. >> i want to watch ruin the ruble. i had a brilliant. ruin the currency and they are done. >> putin can't go trick or treating next halloween. >> that's not what he is saying. >> that doesn't matter. get money to the ukraine, russia out, we could do a lot more. >> now, it is true that any excuse to bash president obama will be seized upon by you and your ilk. >> that's not true. >> no? >> alan's point he has done some very positive things, strong things in the international arena. use of drones to take out al qaeda. >> philosophy is the problem. >> the overall leftist philosophy which he does espouse which does president carter which is essentially that the united states is a force for ill in the world not a force for good. >> do you think obama is as weak as carter is perceived to have been. dispute that carter has a
5:52 pm
new back out hoping president carter comes on here. do you believe that president obama is as weak as carter is perceived to have been. >> yes i do. >> you don't believe that. >> divlable. >> you don't believe carter was weak either, correct? >> carter gets a bad wrap. obama was overwhelmingly reelected a year ago. he is not jimmy carter. >> the problem as you say you have to set the presidency in a broader context. although we he have seen some good things, use of drones getting bin laden. overall you have seen benghazi, you have seen the ayatollah in iran slaughter his people in the streets in 2009. assad slowrting his own people in the street. you see the rise of brotherhood. >> colmes' point is after afghanistan and iraq, we don't have anything left. like a prize fighter you don't have anything left because we can't intervene in every little thing because we don't have anything left. >> talking about political will that's what a president and leader is for. if you are talking about military, this president though was also continuing to gut the military which
5:53 pm
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factor tip of the day. a tip of the hat to a couple who are helping military veterans in a moment. we're helping the schools of st. mary's out on long island. we'll do a show about cable news. it's going to be a lot of fun. i understand lots of people coming in from out of town to see us. you will not be disappointed.
5:56 pm
we have a brand new promotion. we're giving away shirts or something crazy, we hope you check it out. mr. o'reilly, i've been a keen viewer of the factor for ten years, i believe you are a better reporter than anyone on bbc. no one has been murdered in ukraine. >> my comparison had to do with czech in 1938. putin did the exact same thing when invading crimea. both were international violations of law. bill, your comparison was correct. does that make president obama the new nevel chamberlain? that depends on what happened next. few will be duped by putin this time around. we have to give the president a little time to respond. bill, i absolutely agree with you, china is a current that
5:57 pm
will be most emboldened by putin's actions. >> it seems like bob costas changed his angle only after he praised putin now he's trying to spin it. i had formed an opinion that was not accurate. costas is politically correct left wing spokesman. liberal arts majors like you are not the sharpest knives. why don't you go over to cnn and enjoy dinners with obama's wife. >> is michelle obama at cnn? did i miss that? is she cooking me dinner? did i miss that? >> sounds like a reasonable guy, don. >> scott minio. just purchased two vip tickets.
5:58 pm
i grew up just three miles away from there. >> also we'll see everybody in cincinnati, honolulu, grand rapids. details on billo' the pittsburgh show is going to be lights out. huge crowd coming, check that out march 14th. our auction to benefit the fisher house is over. my notes for the super bowl interview signed by the president and me go to connie and fred sepelak of troy, michigan, they're donating $30,000 to the fisher house, of course they're patriots, we really appreciate it. thousands of you have donated $25 or more and are getting a replica of the notes suitable for framing. it's really good to help the fisher house, they do so much good work for the families of our badly wounded vets.
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when i was in san diego i saw a bunch of them. the fisher house, wounded warriors, they're not going to forget, we have to help them. we try to give you incentives to do that. that was it for us tonight. please check out the fox factor website which is different from o' word of the day, do not be sardonic. didn't get it when he said he opposed a revolutionary war. he wasn't locked into that. gave you the definite word. don't be sardonic. if you're mad as hell, we want to hear about it, thursday our mad as hell segment. heather is chained up and ready to go. thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly, please always
6:00 pm
remember that the spin stops right here as we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, new developments in the military showdown after russia launches a ballistic missile. plus -- >> mr. president, this is insulting to law enforcement officers everywhere. >> 11th hour drama in the saga of a lawyer who went to bat for a convicted cop killer. whether he should get one of the top jobs at the department of justice. plus after years of fighting the obama administration for the right to stay in america, this family had to give up on their dream until today. see what happened and why.


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